Welcome to Arisaka

I am Will Roberson, and I would like to introduce you to Arisaka, which was formed in partnership with my long time friend Walter Fowler. Together we have collaborated on many projects in a variety of industries for almost a decade. Arisaka also employs several of our immediate family members.

Walt and I are engineers with a passion for designing and manufacturing quality products, and we enjoy almost all forms of shooting. The harder the challenge, the more potential for fun. This also applies to our work. We love finding solutions to difficult problems, and hope that this will translate into products that exceed your expectations.

Our initial product release is targeted for the end of October, and will include 9 products: 3 ring light mounts, 2 inline scout mounts, 3 finger stops, and our M-Lok QD. Following this, we have a lengthy list of other products that we're working on, including a vertical grip, a larger (yet still low profile) hand stop, and a special ring light adapter for the inline scout mounts. Pictures of prototypes and progress reports will follow here and on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/arisakadefense.

You are presently viewing a work in progress as Walt and I continue to fine-tune this site with the assistance of our graphic designer, Jay McLain, and our photographer, Richard Kim (UWone77). Keep checking back with us to see the latest photos and learn more about our initial product release. We would love to hear your comments or suggestions through our Contact page or email me directly at will@arisakadefense.com.

October 10, 2014 by William Roberson