Arisaka Releases Inline Ring Mounts for KeyMod and M-Lok

Apex, NC, July 8, 2015 - Arisaka LLC is pleased to announce the release of two new Inline Ring Mounts for KeyMod and M-Lok handguards.

The Patent Pending Arisaka Inline Ring Mount is designed to securely attach 1" handheld lights to KeyMod and M-Lok handguards. The mount is especially useful on handguards that feature 45 degree angle mounting flats, such as the Bravo Company KMR, Knight's Armament URX 4, and Geissele Automatics SMR Mk8.

When used on a 45 degree angle mounting flat, the Inline Ring Mount allows the user to position the light closer or farther away from the top 12 o'clock rail to give clearance for front sights or other accessories. Three positions are provided, allowing an offset of 0.24" from center. The outer diameter of the handheld light sits 0.41" above the KeyMod or M-Lok mounting surface, making the entire unit very low profile.

Additionally, the mount can be used in a cantilever fashion, with the end of it protruding past the front of the handguard. This can be useful with short handguards to help reduce barrel or suppressor shadows. The mount can also be reversed, allowing further flexibility for positioning lights.

Inline Ring Mount KeyMod

Inline Ring Mount M-Lok

July 07, 2015 by William Roberson
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