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Malkoff Scout Light Head

$ 139.00

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The same Malkoff Devices heads that we use on the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights are now available as stand alone upgrades. The E1HT is designed for the single cell Arisaka 300 series and Surefire M300 Scout bodies. The E2HTis designed for the two cell Arisaka 600 series and Surefire M600 Scout bodies.

  • E2HT - 35,000 candela and 500 out-the-front lumens. This head has a very focused beam for maximum distance. Continuous run time is 20-30 minutes on two CR123 cells or 45-60 minutes on one 16650 cell.
  • E1HT - 23,000 candela and 325 out-the-front lumens. This head has a very focused beam for maximum distance. Continuous run time is 45-60 minutes on one CR123 cell.

Malkoff Devices heads are fully potted for durability and are designed to handle weapon recoil.

The heads are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. The bead blasted finish matches the Arisaka light bodies and Momentary tailcaps. Made in the USA.