Installation of the Arisaka Low Profile Bipod Mount involves disassembling your Harris S-series bipod to remove the stock sling swivel mount.

1. Use a 1/4" socket wrench to loosen and remove the nut inside the thumbscrew on the rear of the bipod.



2. Unthread and remove the thumbscrew from the rear of the bipod.


3. Gently slide the entire sling swivel mount off the front of the bipod. The center screw, cross pin, and thick slotted brass washer will also come off. A second thin washer should be left on the main shaft of the bipod. Be careful not to lose any pieces!


4. Next is reassembly. Place the Arisaka Low Profile Bipod Mount onto the center shaft, followed by the thick slotted brass washer with the tapered side facing forward (Or up as shown in the below picture). Orientation of the mount does not matter except for side preference of the clamping screw. 


5. Insert the cross pin into the long main screw, and carefully insert it into the center shaft of the bipod. The cross pin should engage the thick slotted brass washer and center shaft as shown below.


6. Hold the center screw, cross pin, and brass washer in place while threading the thumbscrew onto the center screw protruding from the rear of the bipod. The thumbscrew should be snugged down until finger tight. The nut can then be threaded on using the 1/4" socket wrench. Do not tighten the nut all the way; you want to leave enough room so the thumbscrew can be slightly loosened to allow the bipod to cant.


7. If you use a pod lock (which is highly recommended) then it can be installed instead of the thumbscrew and nut.


8. Install the bipod onto a rifle by removing the clamping cross screw with a 5/32" Allen wrench, sliding it onto a Picatinny rail, and then replacing the cross screw. The screw should be tightened until the mount slightly flexes and securely grabs the rail, approximately 55-65 inch lbs.