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600 Series Light

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The Arisaka 600 Series Light is an illumination package consisting of the Arisaka 600 Series Light Body, Tailcap, and Malkoff Devices Scout head. Simply add an aftermarket Scout mount of your choice for a complete lighting solution.

Malkoff offers several head options that all use TIR lenses and are fully potted for durability. Beam profile, output, and run times vary:

  • E2ST (Super Throw) - 20,000 lux at 1 meter and 750 initial/700 continuous out-the-front lumens. This head has a very focused beam for maximum distance. Continuous run time is 15-20 minutes on 2x CR123 cells or 45-60 minutes on 1x 16650 cell.
  • E2S (Super) - 12,000 lux at 1 meter and 900 initial/850 continuous out-the-front lumens. This head has a wider beam profile, giving more spill (but still has plenty of throw). Continuous run time is 15-20 minutes on 2x CR123 cells or 45-60 minutes on 1x 16650 cell.
  • E2T - 10,000 lux at 1 meter and 450 out-the-front lumens. This gives the light plenty of throw for medium range use, while still retaining enough spill for close range and peripheral lighting. Continuous run time is 90-120 minutes on 2x CR123 cells.

The 600 Series Light Body is manufactured without the mounting interface for the stock Picatinny clamp found on Scout lights. This greatly increases the clearance for front sights when used in combination with the Arisaka Inline Scout Mount or Offset Scout Mount, and allows the entire light to be pulled in very close to the rail system.

The standard tailcap choice is the Arisaka Momentary Tailcap, which is great for use on weapons, as it eliminates accidental constant activation under stress. Momentary only style switches are generally preferred by most weapon instructors for this reason.

Additional tailcap offerings include Surefire's Z68 clicky switch or the option to choose no tailcap for a reduced price in the event you already have an extra Surefire Scout or Arisaka tailcap. Surefire's UE socketed tailcap is also compatible for remote switch use.

The 600 Series Light will fit in any aftermarket Scout mount, as it retains the mounting holes and square lug interface on the underside of the light body.

Weight: 3.5 oz (including batteries)

Length: 5.125"

Diameter: 1.0" at the head.

The light body, Arisaka momentary tailcap, and head are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. High quality Buna-N O-rings and CR123 batteries are included. Cerakote provided by Weapon Works LLC. Made in the USA.