The Arisaka Rail Slider changes the traditional static mounting points on a 1913 Picatinny rail into a dynamic, flexible system for use with bipods, tripods, and other accessories.

The Rail Slider system currently consists of the main ARMS 17S compatible sliding mount, a range of extended length precision machined Picatinny rails, a selection of tripod ball head adapters, and a 1/4-20 quick insertion adapter that is suitable for use on laser range finders, spotting scopes, Kestrel mounts, or anything else with a 1/4-20 thread.

Rail Slider

The core component of the Rail Slider system fits ARMS 17S accessories, including the ARMS 17S variants of the Atlas CAL and PSR, Magpul Bipod, and Harris swivel bipods (with the addition of our Harris adapter). Installation is straightforward: Remove the stock mount from your bipod (if present), and use the included 10-32 socket cap screws to attach the Rail Slider. The screws should be torqued to 30 inch lbs with a small amount of Loctite 222, 242, or 243.

The Rail Slider is designed to fit 1913 Picatinny rails, and includes both a push button recoil lug and adjustable clamp. This allows the Rail Slider to fit virtually any Picatinny rail, even if slightly out-of-spec. The knob is held in position with a unique detent mechanism, so that it cannot change tension even under heavy, repeated recoil.

Initial setup of the Rail Slider can be done by first loosening the clamp a few detent clicks, then press and hold the recoil lug button and slide it onto the Picatinny rail. Next, tighten the clamp until it becomes snug, then loosen it one or two detent clicks. At this point, pressing and holding down the recoil lug button will allow the user to move the Rail Slider back and forth along the Picatinny rail. Releasing the recoil lug button will cause it to engage the next Picatinny slot.

The Rail Slider can also be installed or removed from a Picatinny rail without sliding it by opening up the clamp using the knob. This is especially convenient with longer rifles, or if the user has static accessories mounted like the Arisaka Hand Stop Picatinny

Rail SliderRail Slider Atlas CAL

Barricade Stop

The Rail Slider Barricade Stop combines a meat tenderizer on one end with a QD sling swivel socket on the other, which is then sandwiched between the Rail Slider and your bipod. The combination turns the Rail Slider into a quick adjust barricade stop, and also allows your sling to be shortened or lengthened without touching the sling's length adjustment.

Tripod Ball Head Adapters

In addition to bipod duties, the Rail Slider can also be used on top of a tripod ball head. This requires one of our ball head adapters:

1. Multi Adapter - Has two precision cut ball head lug channels, 0.199" and 0.208", allowing it to securely fit many ball heads like the Vortex Radian Carbon, Leupold Mark 5, Two Vets, and legacy RRS.

The newer RRS R-Mount ball heads require the RRS rosette adapter, part number RRS-9000001.

Includes both M6 and 1/4-20 socket cap screws, so verify which thread your ball head uses before torquing to 50 inch lbs with Loctite 242 or 243. The Rail Slider is then placed on top of the adapter and secured with the included 10-32 screws torqued to 30 inch lbs with Loctite 222, 242, or 243.

Multi Adapter


 2. Hog Saddle/Sunway Adapter - Designed to fit the Hog Saddle/Sunway Photo ball heads, and enables the use of the side slots. Torque the M6 socket cap screw to 50 inch lbs with Loctite 242 or 243. The Rail Slider is then placed on top of the adapter and secured with the included 10-32 screws torqued to 30 inch lbs with Loctite 222, 242, or 243.

Hog Saddle Adapter


3. Manfrotto 3/8-16 Adapter - This adapter is threaded 3/8-16 and fits the old Marine issued Manfrotto ball heads. We highly recommend using Loctite 242 or 243 to help secure this adapter to the threaded stud on the ball head. The Rail Slider is then placed on top of the adapter and secured with the included 10-32 screws torqued to 30 inch lbs with Loctite 222, 242, or 243.

Manfrotto Adapter


LRF/Spotter Adapter - The LRF/Spotter Adapter can be used in combination with a Rail Slider on a ball head to quickly attach/detach any 1/4-20 based accessory, such as laser range finders, spotting scopes, rifle rests like the Hog Saddle, and even chronographs like the LabRadar.

While it looks like a short picatinny rail, the LRF/Spotter Adapter has two offset notches and tapered ends which allow it to be inserted into the Rail Slider without requiring the user to press the button to disengage the recoil lug. The recoil lug will automatically snap into place when inserted far enough, securing the shooting accessory. This can be followed by a quick turn of the Rail Slider knob to completely remove all slack and lock the accessory in place.

The LRF/Spotter Adapter is secured to the accessory with the included 1/4-20 cap screw torqued to 30 inch lbs with Loctite 242 or 243. A 10-32 anti-rotation set screw is also provided and can be installed finger tight.

Spotter Adapter


Hog Saddle Adapter


Extended Length 1913 Picatinny Rails - These precision machined 1913 Picatinny rails are held to tight tolerances, ensuring similar fit as you move a Rail Slider equipped bipod from weapon to weapon. An anti-rotation QD socket is provided at one end, and both short and long M-Lok screws are included to help alleviate clearance issues around gas blocks.

The lengths are based on how many full size M-Lok slots are covered.