Introducing The Arisaka Offset Optic Mount

The Patent Pending Arisaka Offset Optic Mount is a modular, configurable offset red dot mounting solution that provides the end user with a host of features:

  • Unique geometry allows the optic to sit at 35 or 45 degrees to reduce width/bulk.
  • On an AR15 the optic maintains alignment over bore and lower 1/3 co-witness height at both 35 and 45 degree positions.
  • Compatible with a wide array of red dot sights via six plates:
    • Plate 1 - Docter, Eotech, Insight, Meopta, Vortex Venom
    • Plate 2 - Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 407C/507C
    • Plate 3 - C-More
    • Plate 4 - Leupold Delta Point
    • Plate 5 - Aimpoint Micro T1/T2 and clones
    • Plate 6 - Aimpoint Acro
  • Minimal footprint - 1" long base with twin recoil lugs occupies only three Picatinny slots.
  • Minimal weight - 1.9 oz without optic.
  • Made in the USA

Configure the optic for 35 or 45 degrees simply by reversing the stem during assembly. Tuck your red dot up close to your scope to reduce bulk and keep it as low profile as possible - comparison image below:

Available here. Shipping September 5.