The Side Scout Mount, a solution for laser/illuminator users

The Side Scout Mount, or SSM, is a Scout Light mount that is designed to tuck the light underneath either side of the L3 ATPIAL series of laser/illuminators.

This mount was an idea that began all the way back in 2016 when we 3D printed the first prototypes. It was set aside, partly because we didn't have free machine time, but also because the market for night vision users is a small subset of the wider accessory market, where the demand far outpaced our production capacity.

Earlier this year we had enough end user requests to bring the SSM back into focus, so we began to field multiple prototypes of varying layout, like the ones seen on the SMC Instagram. Ultimately, we decided to stick to our core principles and make the mount as low profile as possible.

The SSM is compatible with Surefire's M300 and M600 Scout Lights, the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series lights, and the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount lights. It provides clearance with L3's ATPIAL-C, AN/PEQ15, and LA-5/PEQ, and will also place the light below the QD lever on the Steiner DBAL I2, A3, and D2 units.

The first production run of M-Lok mounts is already at anodizing, but everything slows down during the holidays so we're conservatively estimating that hard coat black anodized parts will ship in early January, and FDE Cerakote in late January. A KeyMod version will follow.

A preorder is available on the product page, along with additional photos and info.