ModButton Lite (Laser Plug)

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The Modlite ModButton Lite is a smaller, lighter weight version of the original ModButton. The switch features the same momentary only activation. It also has the same high power switch and cable as the ModButton, but in a smaller package without the integrated mount. The switch is made from injection molded plastic and fully potted to provide an extra degree of protection in harsh environments and ensures a durable, long lasting switch.

The plug is compatible with PEQ15, LA-5, DBAL, BE Meyers MAWL and Wilcox RAIDx lasers.

The ModButton Lite includes mounting hardware for use with a 1913 Picatinny Rail. If you want to use it on an M-Lok interface, then you need to purchase an additional adapter found here.

Made in the USA.

Cable length: 4.5" and 7"
Weight: 1.8oz
Dimensions: 1.0" × 1.25" × 0.3"
Mounting Side: Left or Right
Color: Black or Tan

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Additional Info

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