Extendo Picatinny Bar

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The Arisaka Extendo Picatinny Bar is an accessory mounting platform designed for the 1.93" and 2.26" height Mk2 Micro and Acro optic mounts. It is meant to be used on short barreled rifles, submachine guns, and firearms that have restrictive ergonomics or a lack of space for accessories. This is a special operations overrun, with a limited number initially available for civilian sales.

The Extendo can be oriented towards the front or rear, allowing for multiple mounting options with lasers, lights, and magnifiers. If oriented towards the rear and used with the 2.26" Mk2 Micro or Acro mount, the Extendo sits exactly 1.54" below the optic centerline, allowing for the use of standard height magnifiers like the Eotech G33 STS, which will line up properly with the red dot sight.

When oriented towards the front and used with the 2.26" Mk2 Micro or Acro mount, the Extendo can be used with the majority of laser aiming modules on the market without protruding into the sight picture, including the NGAL, LA-5, ATPIAL-C, Raid Xe, Designate IR-V, DBAL series and OGL. Laser aiming modules mounted on the Extendo are isolated from impacts and torque applied to the firearm handguard, eliminating zero shift.

An optional bumper is included with each Extendo which mounts at the front end and sits slightly off the rail surface so it cannot be influenced by handguard flex. The bumper is designed to reduce the chance of snagging slings and to absorb an extreme impact in the event the rifle is dropped onto the laser aiming module. Additionally, an Extendo specific scout light mount is also available, which allows for a weapon light to be attached to the right or left side of the Extendo. This is ideal for weapon platforms that have an OEM handguard that has no accessory mounting interface, or if the user wants the light tucked up near the laser aiming module.

Compatible optic mounts:

Aimpoint Acro Mount Mk2 2.26 and 1.93

Aimpoint Micro Mount Mk2 2.26 and 1.93

Weight (including screws and bumper): 2.4 oz.

Length: 6" long overall, 4" protrudes in front or behind the Mk2 optic mount.

Each mount is CNC machined from 7075-T651 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat black anodized. Includes necessary screws to attach Extendo to Mk2 optic mount and bumper.

Recommended torque values with Loctite 222, 242, or 243:

Extendo to optic mount - 30 inch lbs (3.39 Nm)

Extendo to bumper or scout light mount - 30 inch lbs (3.39 Nm)

Hardware: One 10-24x3/8" torx flat head screw, two 8-32x1/2" socket head cap screws.

Made in the USA.

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