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These light heads are a direct replacement for the Surefire M600DF head. They can be used with the Arisaka 18650 body and Arisaka 18350 body. They do not fit the smaller Surefire M600 or M300 bodies, or Arisaka 600 and 300 Series bodies.

These heads are also offered as part of the complete Arisaka 18650 Series Light and Arisaka 18350 Series Light.

The Multi Mode heads feature two selectable modes - High Only and High + Admin. The Multi Mode heads come preset to High Only. If configured for High + Admin, a second press of the switch or remote will toggle between modes. Admin mode has an output level of 15% of High mode, providing for greatly extended run time.

The PLHv2 head has an output of 1350 lumens and 54,000 candela, producing a nice blend of spill and throw which is ideal for all around use.

The OKW head has an output of 680 lumens and nearly four times the throw of the Surefire M600DF, producing a very concentrated hot spot which is ideal for longer distances.

Will's opinion (Owner of Arisaka) - The OKW is my favorite Modlite head. It has a super concentrated beam, almost like a laser illuminator, and can light up targets at 200+ yards without any problems. This head proves the futility of chasing maximum lumens; candela is a much better representation of what you're receiving when you buy a light or head. It will also run off of two CR123 cells at slightly reduced output, giving you an alternative if a charger or additional 18650 cells are not available.

Check out our blog post for beam comparison images.
  • Dual Fuel - Supports 18650 and 18350 rechargeable batteries, or 2x CR123 cells. These will not function on a single CR123.
  • Multi Mode
  • Hand assembled and tested in the USA.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • OKW: Approximately 680 out the front lumens and 69,000 candela with an 18650 or 18350 cell.
  • OKW: Excellent choice for anyone needing maximum throw.
  • PLHv2: Approximately 1350 out the front lumens and 54,000 candela with an 18650 or 18350 cell.
  • PLHv2: Excellent choice for anyone needing a blend of spill and throw.
  • 6061 series aluminum bezel with mil-spec hard coat anodizing.
  • Ultra clear BOROFLOAT® lens allows 98-99% light transmittance.

Runtime is about 75 minutes with an 18650 cell and 35 minutes with the smaller 18350 cell on High Output. Output and run time on CR123s will be lower. Admin mode output is 10+ hours with an 18650 cell and 3+ hours with an 18350 cell.

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